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Hints & Tips in the RTSL.eu e-Newsletter blog

The NOTE: newsletter is now retired!  We have replaced our old friend with the NOTE: blog in order to provide you with a more timely feed of information. Rather than wait until we have a bunch of articles big enough for an issue of NOTE: we can publish them straight away.

NOTE: The RTSL.eu blogYou can view the NOTE: blog by clicking through from the latest headlines that are showing alongside here, or by visiting the web site at www.NoteColon.info, or you can subscribe through any of the methods listed below. As you can see, you now have a far greater choice of how you get your copy of NOTE:.

Note that we are using Google Feedburner to distribute our new blog entries as emails. We have not been able to transfer our mailing list into Feedburner, so all existing subscribers must re-subscribe using the link shown below.

Subscribe to the NOTE: blog email feed, just like the "old" NOTE:   <<< RECOMMENDED
You can subsequently unsubscribe by clicking the link at the end of any of our emailed blog entries
Use any of the RSS subscription options shown at the top right of the blog's home page
Follow us on Twitter. Every new blog entry is heralded with a tweet, plus you can keep up to date with all the other happenings at RTSL.eu

We are occasionally posting old newsletter articles onto the new blog, so the blog will become the sole source of RTSL.eu expertise. However, the archive is retained below for those who like to reminisce and see the distinct style of the newsletters!

And finally, if you like NOTE:, you'll probably find our site's resources section useful too. Take a look and you'll see conference papers, SAS-themed crosswords, free tools, a library of recommended books, and links to other useful SAS-related sites.

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Archive of Back Issues

Issue 18
bulletTechnical event for SAS practitioners (in London)
bulletTesting SAS skills
bulletWhy Elvis?
bulletNew macro options
bulletSAS(r) with style
Issue 17
bulletDon't be misquoted
bulletProject risk management
bulletTools of the trade - Elvis lives!
bulletBusiness Intelligence SAS Users Group
bulletSAS(r) with style
Issue 16
bulletUpdated User Guide
bulletThe USER libref
bulletReduce risk (and cost)
bulletLife is a puzzle
bulletNew user group
bulletSUGI observations
bulletTools of the trade - copying data #2
bulletSAS(r) with style
Issue 15
bulletSAS-themed prize crossword
bulletVIEWS 2004 - a report
bulletVIEWS 2004 - V is for validation
bulletVIEWS 2004 - nuggets
bulletTools of the trade - copying data
bulletSAS(r) with style
Issue 14
bulletSAS-themed prize crossword
bulletSAS in parallel
bulletScheduling the Guide
bulletData as XML
bulletVIEWS activities
bulletOnline OnlineDoc
bulletSAS(r) with style
bulletXP day 2003
Issue 13
bulletSAS-themed prize crossword
bulletBeware of the lag function
bulletLauren Haworth on ODS in the UK
bulletSAS(r) with style
bulletSEUGI becomes SAS Forum International
Issue 12
bulletThe Woodstreet newsletter
bulletTip 15 - Counting words
bulletTip 23 - Putting a number into a macro variable (the better way)
bulletTip 46 - Find in enhanced editor
bulletProduct focus
bulletTools of the trade - ZipCoder
Issue 11
bulletPractical business intelligence
bulletAudit trails
bulletWhither VIEWS?
bulletMore hints & tips
bulletProduct focus
bulletTools of the trade - exporting SAS data
bulletSAS(r) with style - structured macros
Issue 10
bulletTools of the trade - log filter (part 2)
bulletOnyx - the power of SAS on the net
bulletThe RTSL web site
bulletMissing values
bulletProduct focus
bulletSAS(r) with style
Issue 9
bulletTools of the trade - log filter
bulletSources of information
bulletProduct focus
bulletWatch your case
bulletDeleting macro variables
bulletWhere is citiday?
bulletV8 editor tips
bulletSAS(r) with style
Issue 8
bulletManage your macros with MFILE
bulletASAP does macros
bulletAddressing architecture
bulletIT enhanced
bulletUse your vote
bulletBe of good type
bulletLinking your tables
bulletSAS(r) With Style
bulletLearn more about SAS software
Issue 7
bulletNOTE: on tour
bulletVIEWS in London
bulletASAP from complementSoft and RTSL
bulletIntegration Technologies is free!
bulletOnyx from InterNext
bulletSAS(r) With Style
Issue 6
bulletOpen OLAP
bulletCalling build
bulletDisplay manager macros
bulletSAS(r) With Style
Issue 5
bulletAt SeUGI
bulletProgress bars
bulletKeep up to date
bulletSAS(r) With Style
Issue 4
bulletAt SUGI
bulletWhat is object-oriented programming?
bulletNOTE: goes on tour
bulletSAS(r) With Style
bulletSAS certification survey
Issue 3
bulletA home of our own
bulletSCAN and REVERSE functions
bulletJava to replace SCL?
bulletOld and new versions of SAS software
bulletSAS(r) With Style
Issue 2
bulletCross-Platform Files
bulletWhat is VIEWS?
bulletNewsletters about SAS Software
bulletSAS(r) With Style
Issue 1
bulletIntegrity Constraints
bulletTools of the Trade - Searching
bulletSAS(r) With Style

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