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We have successfully completed projects for a wide variety of clients. Here are some of those stories.

To find out how RTSL could help your enterprise, contact us to discuss your individual needs.


Using the latest SAS V8 technologies, we successfully prototyped an Open OLAP solution to permit analysis of mobile telecoms network performance data. Using a flexible combination of HOLAP-based models and Open OLAP Server, the three-tier application could respond to information queries from all levels of the enterprise (from Director to technician) and was designed to distribute network exception information pro-actively.

The storage model used data warehouse techniques to take data from the network, to manipulate it, and to store it for efficient retrieval by the front-end.

Government/Business Intelligence

Supplying our services to SAS UK, we participated in the design and construction of a financial reporting system for a front-line UK government department. The project was a great success and was subsequently used by SAS UK as a reference site.

For technical information, please refer to our paper entitled "Flexible Financial Reporting". 

Pharmaceutical/Platform Choice

When an international pharmaceutical company wanted to replace its clinical trial analysis platform they naturally turned to RTSL to provide consultancy. By providing services on just one day each month over a four month period, we were able to guide the client towards choosing the platform most appropriate for their needs and situation. Our recommendation took into account the analysis needs of the client together with the existing skills in their IT department. The client accepted and implemented our recommendations; they are very happy with their new working environment.


By specifying and developing an object-based architecture, we were able to ensure that the UK's biggest telecoms operator successfully produced a market modelling tool. Ambitious in scope, the project was an acclaimed success - winning the top award from the International Institute of Forecasters in 2000.

The model allowed the client's analysts to ask what-if questions such as "if we lower our prices by 10% on product X, what will our individual competitors do, and what will be the eventual outcome in the market for each of several distinct customer segments"

Banking/Data Warehouse

A major UK telephone bank needed a data warehouse solution to consolidate information from the various areas of the business including telemarketing, risk, and collections. We were able to play a large part in all phases of this project, from analysis through roll-out and support.


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