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Climbing togetherRatcliffe Technical Services makes its years of experience available to you in a number of packages and services.

Our prime interest is in your satisfaction. We listen to your requirements and act accordingly; we encourage participation by all interested parties; we understand your business needs as well as your technical needs.

See the case studies for some examples of our work. 

Project-Based Consulting

Our project-based consultancy services will give you the reassurance of a fixed-price for an agreed set of deliverables. For those projects with a large number of variables that will be out of our control, we can create a flexible scope agreement.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we do time-and-materials projects too.

Ad Hoc Consulting

If you need some architectural or design guidance, or you have a particularly sticky technical problem, try our ad hoc consulting services. Or perhaps you would like a second opinion, or you need to breathe some new ideas into a faltering project. Our ad hoc consulting services are available as a one-off visit, or a series of regular visits to your site.

SoftSafe Escrow Service

We are a known and trusted third party whom you can trust to protect your intellectual property assets. Depositing source code or other proprietary information in a SoftSafe escrow account reduces your risks associated with licensing or creating intellectual property.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


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